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The candidature is open for the deanship position for the faculty of law on Saturday, 15-12-2018 to Thursday, 20-12-2018 at the university president’s vice president office in the university’s main building.

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The candidature for the deanship position in the faculty of medicine is postponed.The candidature for deanship position will be opened for the faculty of medicine from 7-4-2018 to 12-4-2018 in the office of vice president of educational and students affairs. The candidates should apply by submitting the candidature application attached to the CV.

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The faculty of agriculture announces five candidates who are nominated for the deanship position as follows:

1-    Prof.Dr. Nasser khamis Barakat EL-Gizawy

2-    Prof.Dr. Lotfy Abd EL-Fattah Abd Rahman Badr

3-    Prof.Dr. Gehad Muhammad Muhammad Desoky EL-Habaa

4-    Prof.Dr. Adel Hamed Bahnasawy Abd EL-Aal

5-    Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Magraby Eraqi Amer

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