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Monday, 10 April 2017 09:05 Written by
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Prof.Dr. Hesham Abu el-Enin, the vice president of post-graduate studies and research asserts that a feasibility study should be conduct to establish a department of the handicapped at the central library in Benha University. This statement concurs with the library committee meeting under his presidency and in the presence of Mr. Wahid Khalawy, the general secretary of the university, prof.Dr. Osama Hamid, the deputy of the faculty of arts, prof.Dr. Nasser EL-Gizawy, the deputy of the faculty of agriculture, prof.Dr. Osama Foaud, the deputy of the faculty of the faculty of physical education, prof.Dr. Khalid Eid, the deputy of the faculty of arts for the post-graduate studies and the rapporteurs of the libraries committees in the faculties of the university.

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