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The general administration of the international cooperation in the ministry of higher education announces that there is a job vacancy…
Prof.Dr. El-Sayed El-kady, the university president visits the faculty of medicine where he meets prof.Dr. Ahmed Sharawy, the new governor…
Benha University is in the third place in the E-Learning according to the assessment of the supreme council of the…
In the presence of prof.Dr. Sultan Abu Oraby, the general secretary of the Arab universities union and prof.Dr. Ahmed EL-Kissa,…
The stduents exchange conference has begun which was organized by the Arab universities Arab union. The conference was initiated by…
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 11:46

A scientific seminar

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A scientific seminarhas been held entitled “trademark image retrieval “of the student/ Shalaa Gafer Hasan in 7-3-2017.